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Fukasa Kai is open to accepting applicants for dojo affiliation who are dojo headmasters or have the black belt skills, attitude and desire to become a certified Fukasa Kai Dojo Headmaster.  Benefits of affiliation include teaching, school and marketing support, personalized student certificates and membership cards and access to workshops and advanced training.  There are no politics in Fukasa Kai.  Headmasters report to me, the Soke (Headmaster of Fukasa Kai) and students report to you.  I am always available to Fukasa Kai Headmasters for phone consultation and can be scheduled for online and in-person martial arts training for headmasters and/or their dojos.

Fukasa Kai Dojo Headmasters are expected to contribute by teaching and grading their students, furthering their knowledge in the traditional martial arts and participating in Fukasa Kai events.  We do not confer membership and rank for inactivity.  We are an open-minded, welcoming group of martial artists with diverse backgrounds and abilities. We invite ALL persons to apply who have the skills and passion for the martial arts.

Dojo Affiliation Page: More Info
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