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Cary Nemeroff, Teacher of the Deaf, Martial Arts Master

Learn martial arts, self-defense, Karate, and the Samurai Sword in ASL, American Sign Language for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

I teach in-person in Austin and Lakeway, Texas and have regular weekly group classes online on Zoom.  I can also provide private online classes.

Hi, my name is Cary Nemeroff.  I am a martial arts teacher and am also a Certified Teacher of the Deaf.  I have been involved in the deaf community since I was 13 years old and became passionate about deaf culture and ASL.  I have experience teaching deaf children academics from Pre-K through 12th grade as a classroom teacher at NYSD Fanwood, New York School for the Deaf and TSD, Texas School for the Deaf.  I have collaborated with the American School for the Deaf (ASD), CT so they could create a series of martial arts videos of me teaching their students in ASL.   I had also spent many years teaching the martial arts to deaf adults with Cerebral Palsy at UCP, NYC.

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